About Us

ZionStar Private Limited is an Ed Tech Startup founded with the vision of taking the classroom experience in Indian Institutes into the 21st Century. We are developing some cutting edge technologies in the domain of Learning Management, Video based Learning, Mobile based content delivery and E-learning. We are just getting started with our own seed funding, a strong revenue stream, reputed clients, and immense potential for growth. If you are passionate about making an impact in education system, then this is definitely the place to be and you just might be the talented, interesting person we need.

Our Mission

We are dedicated in making it easy for anyone to offer online courses. We’re thrilled that hundreds of instructors are delivering their online courses with Sublime LMS to create more meaningful connections with their customers.

Our Contact Info

ZionStar private limited
Zionpuram, Near CSI Church,
M.K. Pottal post,
Kanyakumari district,
Tamilnadu - 629501
Phone: +91 9629171382
E-mail: support@zionsoftwares.com