Easily Create Beautiful Courses


Support for instructor leads, flipped classes and self-paced and blended

Add unlimited pages to your course in the formats that fit for you and make it easy for the students navigate your contents by categorizing pages by module, adding sections and schedule course contents by the date for Automatic Publication. Sublime LMS supports instructors with flipped classes and self-paced and blended courses. We also provide support for the co-instructors and the time-based students deactivation. Enroll students via file import, People Roster and E-mails. You can also enable self-enrollment via the access codes.



Up-to-date information on the student's progress

Easily generate Student Reports, Compliance Reports and Administrative Reports from a single source of data with our powerful Reporting Engine and export it to Excel. The Administrator will have access to the 11 standard reports.



Create rich and engaging e-learning contents

Create rich and engaging modules without any technical knowledge using our Content. Authoring Tools. Upload and embed any kind of media including audio, video, PowerPoint, Office Documents and Google Docs. Reorder modules and their sections using drag and drop. Navigate the pages and sections in a module using the simple built-in navigation. Display the table of contents in the navigation bar to indicate your current position. Track your last position in the module, so that you can instantly return later. Track your progress in modules and time spent in each module with the Dashboard and Rich Analytics.


Course catalog

Browse your courses by Category and Topics

Sublime LMS is a simple yet effective tool that helps you create a comprehensive online learning environment. Our searchable Course Catalog lists over 100 courses and includes course descriptions, faculty profiles, class details and students reviews on the courses. Our wide range of off-the-shelf courses give you the flexibility to choose a course to suit an immediate learning need. This includes a library of video streaming and mobile optimised learning content for the mobile learners too.



Upload and display video, audio, PDF, office documents and much more

Upload and display video, audio, PDF, office documents and much more. Adding audio and video to your course is easy with the Sublime LMS. You can create video based courses or compliment your course content with the videos. Embed any kind of audio, video, presentations and images to the Wiki pages.


Activity feeds

Account-wide and course level Activity Feeds make it easy to track the latest news

Activity feeds help you to easily track the latest announcements, graded assignments, Forum posts and any changes in your course content.



Showcase your student's work using our built-in Portfolio System

ePortfolios are tied with the user profiles which showcase their best submissions, educational projects and other resources. The users can keep the ePortfolios private or share with other students, instructors and/or future employers.



Easy to use calendar with live feed for other calendar clients

The Calendar helps everyone stay on schedule and up-to-date. You can keep track of all the graded assignments and their due dates. You can easily integrate your class schedules and courses on the web-based class calendar for easy viewing which includes weekly and monthly overviews with the color codes.