How does cross-listing work in Sublime LMS?

Cross-listing allows you to create a section in one account or sub-account and then move it to a course on a different account or sub-account.

Note: Only cross-list inactive courses. Do not cross-list active courses. If you cross-list active courses, assignment submissions and grades will be removed and may not be recoverable.

Courses versus Sections

Courses are the virtual classroom where all the content resides, the place where students can learn and interact with the instructor and each other. Sections are a group of students that have been organized for administrative purposes. Students are enrolled in sections and sections are listed in courses. It is possible to place more than one section in course, but not possible to put sections within sections.

How Does Cross-Listing Work?

This organization of sections inside courses takes place via SIS tool (i.e. banner) or manually by administrators in Sublime LMS. By cross-listing a section, administrators are taking one section of one course and moving that section into another course.