How do I manually configure an External Application for an account?

You can manually configure an External Application in your account settings in Sublime LMS.

Open Settings

In Account Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Apps

Click the Apps tab.

Add New App

Click the Add New App button.

Add Application Details

Enter the name of the Application in the name field [1]. Enter the consumer key in the consumer key field [2] and the shared secret in the shared secret field [3]. This key and shared secret will be provided by the vendor or (if using the Edu Applications Index) provided by the website.

Note: There are some Applications that do not require a consumer key or shared secret, so pay attention to the configuration directions.

Set Configuration Type

Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to Manual Entry.

Match Application Details

Enter the URL to match the application to Sublime LMS [1]. Type the appropriate URL or domain in the domain field [2].

Set Privacy

Select the privacy drop down menu to set the privacy settings:

  1. Anonymous: No identifying information about the user will be sent to the vendor
  2. Name Only: The user's name is the only identifying information sent to the vendor.
  3. Email Only: The user's email is the only identifying information sent to the vendor.
  4. Public: Various identifying information (name, email, Sublime LMS ID, SIS ID of the course, SIS ID of user, etc.) is sent to the vendor.

Add Custom Fields and Descriptions

Type a custom field in Custom Fields [1]. Type a description of the application in the Description field [2].

Save Application Settings

Click the Submit button to link the external applications.

View External Application

View the newly configured external application.