Where do I find Outcomes reports for Student in my account?

Outcome reports can be accessed by users with adequate permissions. This includes a teacher accessing Outcomes reports in a course or a user with adequate administrative permissions accessing reports in a sub-account.

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin menu [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Search for User

Type the name of the student in the find a user field [1].

Open User Account

Click the student's name to view more details.

View User Details

Click the See Outcome Results for [student name] link.

View report

If an instructor has linked assignments or rubrics to Outcomes, the results will show up in this report. The report shows the Outcome, Attempts, Latest Score, and Average Percent [1]. The report will populate once the student turns in assignments or does something related to an Outcome.

If you want to see the artifacts linked to the Outcomes, click the Show All Artifacts button [2]. You can also view the student's result for other Outcomes (if any) by clicking the other results option.

Note: Outcome results are tied to level of outcome access. Account outcomes display on the account report, while the sub-account outcomes display on the sub-account report. The only time outcomes would be displayed on both reports is if they are stored in both accounts, such as copying an account outcome to the sub-account level. Outcomes created at the course-level display on the course-level and will not appear on account or sub-account level outcome reports.