What do the different icons on the permissions page mean?

View Permissions

On the permissions page, you can see locked default, default, and editable permissions. The icons are explained in the steps below.

Locked Default Permissions

You cannot change a permission that has a transparent checkmark or X without a button. These are permissions that cannot be modified by anyone.
You will see a description explaining you cannot change that permission when you hover over the icons.

Default Permissions

Default permissions are indicated by transparent green checkmark button or red X button. The green checkmark represents a permission that is enabled by default, while the red X represents a permission that is disabled by default.

Override Default Permissions

By clicking the transparent green checkmark or red X button, you can override the default to enable or disable the permission. The transparent green checkmark or red X will become opaque.

Enable, Disable, Use Default Permission and Lock

By clicking an icon button, you can prevent others from overriding the set permissions in sub-accounts. This makes sure that the permission stays how the account admin sets it at the top-level.

There are three choices in the menu:

  1. Enable and Lock
  2. Disable and Lock
  3. Use Default and Lock

After choosing the permission setting, a lock icon will appear next the checkmark or X icon.