What do the different icons on the permissions page mean?

View Permissions

On the permissions page, you can see default, non-editable and editable permissions. The icons are explained in the steps below.

Default Permissions

Default permissions are indicated by editable green checkmark button or red X button. The green checkmark represents a permission that is enabled by default, while the red X represents a permission that is disabled by default.

Non-editable Permissions

You cannot change a permission that has a transparent checkmark or X without a button. These are permissions that cannot be modified by anyone.

Override Default Permissions

By clicking the green checkmark or red X button, you can override the default to enable or disable the permission. The green checkmark or red X will change due to the override process.

Enable, Disable, Use Default Permission and Lock

By clicking an icon button, you can prevent others from overriding the set permissions in sub-accounts. This makes sure that the permission stays how the account admin sets it at the top-level.

There are three choices in the menu:

  1. Enable and Lock
  2. Disable and Lock
  3. Use Default

After choosing the permission setting, a lock icon will appear next the checkmark or X icon.