What are account-level Rubrics?

You can create account and sub-account level Rubrics in your Sublime LMS ™ instance. This allows anyone in the account to have access to the rubric.

Account-level rubrics are rubrics that are created at the account or sub-account level. They can be used by any course within that account or sub-account for assignments, discussions, or quizzes. If an account-level rubric is used in more than one place, it becomes un editable, but is still usable.

When Would I Use Account-Level Rubrics?

Account-level rubrics can be used to create institutional or departmental question repositories. The purpose of account-level rubrics is to provide resources for teachers, not control content. For example, if the English department offered several courses to teach basic grammar rules to students, a department could create a sub-account level rubric. Instructors could then access the rubric to offer the same evaluation standards to students in different courses.