How do I change self registration settings for my account?

Self registration allows users without an account to create an account for themselves. Account Administrators can enable self registration by selecting the checkbox in account settings.

Locate Account

In Global Navigation, click the Courses drop-down menu [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Settings

In Account Navigation, click the Settings link.

Enable or Disable Self Registration

In the Features list of options, click the Self Registration checkbox.

Self Registration Account Types

When you click the Self Registration checkbox, you have the option to enable self registration for All Account Types or Observer Accounts Only.

To allow self registration for all users, select the All Account Types option. To limit self registration to observers, select the Observer Accounts Only option.

Update Settings

Click the Update Settings button.

View Banner

Self registration for all account types will automatically add a Need a Sublime LMS Account? Click Here, It's Free banner on the login page. To hide the banner, use CSS.

Note: If you enable self registration for observer accounts only, the banner will say Parent of a Sublime LMS User? Click Here for an Account.