How do I add a personal reminder to my Calendar?

You can add a personal reminder to your own Calendar.

Locate Calendar Link

To view the Calendar, click the Calendar link.

Select a Date

To add a personal event, click the day for the event on the Calendar [1], or you can click the Add icon [2].

Enter Event Settings

A window will appear. Here you will determine the settings of the event. Enter title [1], date [2], and times [3] for the event. If you double clicked the day on the Calendar the date will already be entered.

Select a Calendar

From the drop-down menu, choose the Calendar you want to add the event to. Remember, if you add it to a course calendar, everyone in the course will be able to view it.

Add Event Details

By clicking the More Options button you will be able to add a description to the event. Use the Rich Content Editor to add images, files, or links to the Calendar event.


When you have finished editing the event settings, click Submit.

View Calendar Event

The event will now show on the Calendar.