How to add Certificates to your classes?

By default, teachers can only award course Certificate . Certificates are a good way of celebrating achievement and showing progress. Certificates may be awarded based on a variety of chosen criteria.

Course certificates are available to users enrolled in the course and related to the activities that happen inside the course.

Sublime LMS allows for the dynamic generation of certificates based on predefined conditions set by the teacher.

Open classes

Click classes in course navigation.

view classes

View classes in your course.

Click Design classes link [1] to add Certificates to classes.

Add item

Click Add button to add item to class.

View external tool

Choose External Tool from the drop down to add Certificates.

Add Certificates

Choose Certificates.

Create a Certificate

you can create a new certificate to embed.

Give Certificate name [1] and click Add Certificate button [2].

Add Item

View the Certificate name [1] you created, and click Add Item button [2].

View Certificate

View the Certificate in class item.
Click the Certificate name [1] to edit Certificate settings.

Note : Certificate will be available to students after editing the Certificate settings.

Certificate settings

You can give the following details to edit Certificate settings:

  1. Certificate background - choose an image file for certificate background.
  2. Certificate name
  3. Certificate heading - Heading for certificate (Optional )
  4. Certificate description
  5. Approximate hours for completion - optional
  6. Evidence - Requires an URL evidence before awarding the Certificate.
  7. Manual approval - Requires manual approval from teacher before awarding the Certificate.
  8. Credits - use variable credits to allow multiple completion paths
  9. Modules requiring completion - used to set the modules requirement completion option to obtain the Certificate.

choose which item and condition as requirement from the drop downs to give Certificate [1].

After editing the Certificate settings click Save Certificate Setting [2] button.

Click Preview Certificate button [1] to preview your certificates after saving settings.

View Certificate settings

View the Certificate settings and students those who are participating in this course.