How can I change the Course Home Page Layout?

As a teacher you can change the Homepage Layout of the Course. The course appears with the layout which is set by the teacher to the students

Open Course

Select the course from the course list. You will see the Course Home Page when you open the course course.

View Course Home Page

After entering the course homepage , click the Change Home Page Layout link.

Open Home Page Layout Drop Down Menu

Open the Home Page Layout drop down menu

Select Home Page Layout

Click on the home page layout you prefer.

Your choices for the home page include:

1. Recent Activity Dashboard,
2. a Page I'll Design Myself,
3. the Course Modules/Sections,
4. the Assignment List,
5. or the Assignments with Syllabus.

Update Layout

Once you select the layout you prefer, select the Update Layout button to save the changes made to the Course Home Page.

1. Recent Activity Dashboard

The Communication Stream lets participants see the most recent conversations, notifications and interactions
for this course. It is very similar to the dashboard page where users first log in, but only shows content for the
specific course.

2. A Page I'll Design Myself

A Page I'll Design Myself allows instructors to design your the course homepage and include links, images or rich media.

3. View the Course Modules/Sections

The Course Modules/Sections allows instructors to organize the course into modules or sections. This layout
is probably best for courses that aren't based on a specific schedule like a term or semester.

4. View the Assignment List

The Assignment List shows the list of assignments for the course with upcoming and recent assignments at the top of the page.

5. View the Assignments with Syllabus

The Assignments with Syllabus allows instructors to write up a description of course expectations or introduce the
course with links, images, etc. It then shows a calendar view of all assignments and course events.