How do I leave comments for students in the Gradebook?

If you want to leave simple feedback for your students, you can leave a text comment directly in the Gradebook. Gradebook comments will be placed within the Discussion portion of Grading Tool . You can also grade assignments from the comments window in the Gradebook.

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Comment Window

Click the small Speech Bubble icon to open the comment window.

Add Comment

Type your comment in the add a comment field [1] and click the Post Comment button [2] to save and post your comment.

View Comment

Where there is more than one comments for an assignment, comments will be listed in chronological order with the oldest comments appearing at the top and the newer comments appearing near the bottom.
Note: If you need to remove a comment, click the More Details in the Grading Tool link to view the assignment in Grading Tool .