How do I use grading history in the Gradebook?

Grading history allows you to see who graded each assignment and revert scores for students.

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Choose Grading History

Click the Gradebook drop down menu[1] and select Gradebook History[2].

View Grading History

The Gradebook History page displays recent grade changes in the course. Each grade change lists the date of the change [1], the student whose grade was changed [2], the grader who changed the grade [3], and the assignment where the grade was changed [4].
Additionally, you can view a summary of the grade before it was changed [5], after it was changed [6], and the current grade for the assignment [7].

Note: If you are grading in a course where you can only interact with users in your same section, the Gradebook history page will only display results for users within your same section.

Filter by Student Name

To filter gradebook history by student, grader, or assignment, start typing the name in the search filter[1].Select the name from the results [2].