How do I add requirements to a Module?

You can add requirements for a Module that students must meet before they can move to a following Modules. You can also set up prerequisite modules.

Open Modules

Click the Modules link.

Edit Module Settings

Click the three dots icon [1]. Select the Edit option [2].

Add Requirement

Click the Add Requirement link.

Note: You will need to add content items before you can specify how a user will complete this module.

Set Item and action Requirements

Click the First drop-down menu [1] to select the requirement item.

Click View the item drop-down menu [2] to select the result of the requirement. You can set the minimum score [3] to complete the module as requirement.

Click the Add Requirement button to create additional requirements.

Note: If you have multiple iterations of an module item, you can set different requirements for each item.

After adding all requirements click the update Module button [4] .

View Requirements

The newly created requirement will appear below the module item.