How do I use duplicate Module items as checkpoints in my course?

You can use duplicate Module items to check a learner's understanding. If the learner doesn't pass a checkpoint, module prerequisites can open modules that will provide additional help to the learner. Learner can then attempt to pass the checkpoint again. In this lesson you will be learning how to create checkpoints in your course using duplicate module items.

Open Module

Click the Modules link.

Create a Module

Click the Create a new Module option, this option is visible only when the creation of new course.

Add Module

Click the Add Module button.

View Created Modules

View the modules you created. modules Bootstrap and Sublime will serves as checkpoints to test student understanding.

Add Content to Modules

In this example, the instructor would add the same quiz to the checkpoint in Bootstrap and Sublime modules.

Set Module Item Requirements

Set the requirements for the module. In this example, the instructor wants the student to obtain a certain score on the quiz found in module Bootstrap before proceeding to module sublime. If the student proceeds through the content located in module Bootstrap, the student can retake the quiz found in module Sublime to obtain the required score and then proceed to Next modules.

Note: Duplicate module items may have different completion criteria. In this example, the completion criteria for the quiz in module Bootstrap is nothing. The completion criteria for the same item in module Sublime is atleast 15 points.

Set module Prerequisites

Set the prerequisites for the module. In this example, the instructor set prerequisites to lock the content in module sublime. This requires students must submit the assignment and score minimum 25 points in module : Bootstrap to unlock module sublime. If the student obtains the necessary score indicated by the requirement in module : Bootstrap, all the Modules will unlock.