How do I view the progress of my students in modules?

Within modules, you can view the progress of your students and see how they are progressing through the course.

Module progress is determined by the students completing required elements in the module. If you don't set up any requirements, you won't be able to track your student's progress within each module. Required elements may include requiring the students viewing a page, submitting an assignment, or earning a minimum score on an assignment or quiz. For more information please see the lessons about setting up prerequisites and adding requirements.

Click View Progress Button

To view student progress in your course, click the View Progress button [1].

Modules displays an overview of each module and the content within each module. Any completion requirements are listed in the module content [2]. Prerequisite and requirements are posted besides the module content and the unlock date is posted at the bottom of the module [3].

View Module Progress by Student

The Module Progress by Student window shows the progress of each student in your course. Modules can be completed, unlocked, or locked. Modules that have no completion requirements, or modules where the students have completed the requirements, will be marked as completed. If a student is in the middle of a module, the module will be marked as unlocked. If a module cannot yet be accessed by the student because of completion or prerequisite requirements, the module will be marked as locked. Student progress is displayed showing the state of each module [1]. Select different students by clicking their name in the Student Progress list [2]. When you click the name of a student to view their progress, their name will be selected. Click the X icon to return to the Modules Index [3].

Note: When opening the View Progress window, Sublime LMS ™ will always default to show the first student in your course (listed alphabetically by last name).