How do I edit content in the HTML view in the Rich Content Editor?

You can use the Rich Content Editor to edit content using HTML.

Note: Although you can toggle the "HTML Editor" and edit the HTML directly in the Rich Content Editor, any code that you manually enter or copy and paste into the Editor may be stripped away when you save your changes

Open the Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor using one of the Sublime LMS features which support the Editor. You can add an image from your course files by using the Content Selector.

HTML Editor

Click the Switch Views link to open the HTML view. When in HTML view, you can toggle back by clicking the "Switch Views" link.

Edit Content

Continue editing content in the HTML view.

After completing your editing click the Save Changes button.

What HTML tags can be used in the Rich Content Editor?

When attempting to do custom HTML coding in Sublime LMS, you may discover that certain HTML codes do not work upon saving. This is because Sublime LMS will only support certain HTML elements for security reasons. This also applies to content copied and pasted from an external source. Below is a link to a list of HTML tags that are permissible in Sublime LMS. HTML tags that are not on this list may be stripped out of the Sublime LMS Rich Content Editor when you save your work.