How do I add reward for my course?

Open Settings

Click settings link in the course navigation.

Open Rewards

Click Rewards tab in course settings.

Add Reward

Click the Add Reward Button in the Rewards tab.

Add Reward Details

Enter the reward details:

• Enter the reward name in the Reward name [1] field.
• Enter the reward description in the Description [2] field.
• Enter the number of rewards in the How many [3] field.
• Enter the expiry date in the Rearward expiry date [4] field.
• Enter the Referrer [5] and Referee amount [6].
• Enter the Referrer [7] and Referee percentage [8].
• Enter the Referrer [9] and Referee expiry date [10].
• Enter the email subject [11].
• Enter the alpha_mask [12] to generate coupon code.
• Enter the email text [13].

Click the submit button to create the reward

View Rewards

View the Rewards details.