How do I reply to an Announcement using the Sublime LMS Application on my Mobile?

Users can reply to the Announcements through the Course screen. They can also reply tothe Announcements through the Notifications tab.

View Courses

To view the Courses, tap the Courses icon. It will display all the current courses.
To open a course, tap the course's name.

Open Announcements

Within each course, you will be able to view the course navigation links.

The courses defaults to the Course navigation tab.

To open an Announcement, tap Announcements.

Open the Announcement

To view an announcement, tap the Announcement you want to read.

View the Announcement

View the announcement on your phone.

To return to the Announcements list, tap the Back link.

Tap Reply link [1] to reply to the announcements.

View Reply Field

Enter your message in the text field [1]. Then tap the Post button [2].

Note: When you start typing into the message field, the post link will get enabled.

Create a Reply

Tap the Post link when you've finished typing.

View your Reply

Your recent replies are added at the end.

To return to the Announcements list, tap the Back link.