How do I add an attachment to a message in the Sublime LMS Application on my Mobile?

You can send attachments in conversations messages using the Sublime LMS application.

Open In-box

Click the Inbox icon in the footer to open conversations.

Compose Messages

Click the Compose icon [1] to create a new message.

Once you click the Compose icon, the details will get empty.

Add Recipient

Tap the Add icon.

Search for Recipient

In the text field, type the name of your recipient.

Select Recipient Name

When the full name of the recipient appears, tap the name [1]. Then tap the Done link [2].

You can also search for a name by course filter and send your message to multiple recipients.

Add Attachment

Tap the Paper Clip icon.

To attach a file you've already created, tap the Device Icon [1]. Otherwise you can tap the Camera or Video Icons[2] or Record Icon [3] to record Audio or choose My Files Icon [4] to select files from courses.

Choose from Devices

To select an existing photo, locate and select a photo from a photo gallery on your Phone.

Take Photo

To take a new photo, Tap the Camera icon.

Use Photo

If you want to re-take the photo, tap the Retake button [1]. Otherwise tap the Use Photo link [2].

Take Video

To take a new video or To record a new video, tap the Recording button.

Note: Sublime LMS may ask permission to access your microphone.

Use Video

To replay the video, tap the Play button [1]. If you want to re-record the video, tap the Retake button [2]. When you are finished, tap the Use Video button [3].

Record Audio

To record audio, tap the Record button.

Stop Audio

To stop recording, tap the Stop button.

Attach Audio

Click the Done link to add recorded file to attachments.

View Attachment

The paper clip icon will include a number indicator to show the number of attachments in your message.

View Existing Attachments

If you want to view or edit your existing attachments, tap the attachment number [1], then tap the Attachment icon[2]

Open Existing Attachments

To view your existing attachments, tap the name of the attachment. The attachment will appear in a new window.

Delete Attachment

Swipe the name the attached file from right to left, and Tap the Delete button [1] to confirm.

Return to Message

To return to your message from your attachments, tap the Back link.

Send Message

Enter your message in the text field [1]. Then tap the Send link [2].
Note: New messages will not appear in the Inbox on the Sublime LMS application until there is a reply to the message. However, if you have an existing Inbox message with a recipient, the message will appear as part of that message thread.