How do I compose and send a Message using the Sublime LMS ™ Application on my Mobile?

The Compose Message Icon creates a new window by deleting the details in the view and To list. You can filter recipients by course, send messages to individuals, multiple recipients.

Open In-box

Click the Inbox icon in the footer to open conversations.

Compose Messages

Click the Compose icon [1] to create a new message.

Once you click the Compose icon, the details will get empty.

Select courses

Click the Dropdown icon [1] view courses and select the course.

Add Recipients

Click the Add Recipient icon [1] to send message.

Type the name into add recipient field

The individuals name will appear in the To field.

Select Recipients Name

To send a message to multiple recipients, type additional names in the Search recipient field.

Tick mark is used to identify the selected recipient(s) name.

If you accidentally selects the wrong individual(s),
Reclick the recipient name

Compose a Message

In the compose message window, you can

1. Type a message
2. Click the Send link to Send message.

Note: Once you typed the text in to the Message field, Send link will be enabled. You can't send an empty message to the recipients.

Verify sent message

You can verify the status of the message whether it's been sent successfully or not with the notification message.

Note: You can't view the sent message details in this version.