How do I choose a profile picture for my account using the Sublime LMS Application on my Mobile?

If your institution allows profile pictures, you can add a profile picture on the mobile app.

Note: If you cannot add a profile picture, your institution has restricted this feature.

Open Profile

To view your Profile, tap the Profile [1] icon.

to choose a profile picture , Tap the Settings [2] link.

Open Profile Picture

Tap the profile picture icon.

Choose Photo Type

To take a new photo, tap the Camera button [1]. To choose a photo from your device, tap the Device button [2].

Note: Changing your profile picture in the application will also change the profile picture in your browser version of Sublime LMS.

Take Photo

To take a photo, tap the Camera button.

Use Photo

If you want to re-take the photo, tap the Retake link [1]. Otherwise tap the Use Photo link [2].

Choose Photo

To choose a photo, locate the photo on your device.

View Profile Picture

View your new profile picture.