How do I view Classes using the Sublime LMS Application on my Mobile?

Sublime LMS application lets you view the Classes from your mobile device

Open Courses

To view the Courses, tap the Courses icon. It displays all the current courses.
To open a course, tap the course's name.

Open Classes

Tap the Classes link in the course navigation.

View Classes

View the Class list .

To view any particular Class item, tap the item's name.

Classes are listed by name and they contain Assignments, Pages, videos, class materials, presentations, Discussions and Quizzes.

Class Categories

There are 4 types of categories in each class

1. Pre class videos - this contains a pre class video page to learn about the course.
2. Class recordings and presentations - this contains the class recording materials and presentations.
3. Pre class reading materials - this contains some PDF type class reading materials
4. Assignments - this contains assignments related to the class.

View Classes Details

Tap the Back Link to view the classes list.

Open presentation

Click the presentation or course materials name you wants to see.

View progress

View the file opening progress

View presentations

View your Course presentation file on mobile.

View the course file . You can also Zoom [1] or share the file by tapping the Share icon [2].

Note: Not all file types support sharing.

To return to the Files menu, tap the back arrow icon [3].