How do I view Grades using the Sublime LMS Application on my Mobile?

You can find your current grades in course list, or you can view them in the Courses Navigation.

View Grades in the Course list

To view the Courses tap the Courses icon. It displays all the current courses.
To open a course, tap the course's name.

Open Grades in Course Navigation

Click the Grades in course navigation

View Grades

Grades are sorted chronologically by assignment due date, followed by assignments with no due dates.

You can view the name of the Course [1], name of the Assignment [2], the assignment Due Date [3], the Score you earned [4], the Total Point Value of the assignment [5], and icons for any assignment details [6].

Your total Grade [7] will be displayed in points or percentage, depending on the preference of your instructor.

Scroll down to view your score for each assignments in the course.

Calculate Graded Assignments

To view your total based only on graded assignments, swipe the relevant button [1].

You can view the changed total course grades based on graded assignments [2].

Click the Speech Bubble icon to view the comments [3].

View your results on the scoring rubric by clicking the Rubric icon [4].

View Comments

Comments will be organized chronologically [1]. To close comments, click the Back link [2].

You can comment to your instructor using comment box [3]. Click the Send link [4] to send comments to your instructor.

View Scoring Rubric

View your score based on the Rubric [1]. To close the Rubric, click the Back link [2].
You can view the following details in your rubrics:
1. Rubrics title [3].
2. Category name [4].
3. instructor comments [5].
4. Total points [6].

Change Grade book

Click the course's name to view Grades in other courses [1].

If you have more than one course, you can use the course Pop-up menu [2] to view Grades in other courses.

View Changed Grade Book

You can view any Course Grades details you want within any course using the course's name link [1].