How to view my Badges?

Student can view their badges in classes, profile page and global navigation.
Using badges student can view their course performance.

View class

You can view your badge in classes.

Click classes in course navigation. Click the class name you wants to see.

view your badges in class, badges are indicated by badge icon [1] in class items.

View Badge status

By clicking the badge name in class item, you can view your badge status.

Your instructor may sets some requirements to earn this badge.
1. You can view the completion requirements
2. and completion requirements for classes to earn this badge.
3. you can see all your badges

View all your badges

Click see all your badges button to view your badges at LMS.

You can share your badges using social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google account.

View badge status after earning

View the badge status after earning by completing all the requirements.

View badges at global navigation bar

View all your badges at global navigation.