How do I view my course certificates ?

Student can view their Certificates in classes and profile page.
The Certificate creates PDF certificates for students of the course and is completely customizable.

View class

You can view your Certificate in classes.

Click classes in course navigation. Click the class name you wants to see.

view your Certificates in class, Certificates are indicated by Certificate icon [1] in class items.

View Certificate status

By clicking the Certificate name in class item, you can view your Certificate status.

Your instructor may sets some requirements to earn this Certificate.

1. You can view the completion requirements for classes to earn this Certificate.

View certificate status after earning

View the certificate status after earning by completing all the requirements.

Click the Download link [1] to download your certificate in PDF file format.

Verify certificate Authentication

Click or copy and paste the link [1] at the bottom of your certificate, to verify the authenticity of certificate.

View Authenticity

view the certificate is valid or not.