How do I use Classes?

Some instructors will use Classes to organize the course.

Access Classes

You can access Classes by clicking the Classes link.

Note: If you can't see the Classes link, your instructor may have hidden it from the Course Navigation.

View Classes

When you access Classes, you will see the full course sequence.

  1. Classes can be filled with different types of content including pages, discussions, assignments, quizzes, links, and other requirements.
  2. Some Class content will have requirements you will need to complete before moving to the next part of the Class or the new Class.

Note: If your instructor has placed an unpublished quiz in the Class, you will not be able to see the points possible or the quiz questions until the quiz has been published.

Use Previous and Next Buttons

When you are in the Classes, you can navigate them using the Previous and Next buttons at the end of the page. Hover over Previous and Next to view the content in the course.