How do I send a message to my class?

Note: You will only be able to send a message to your class if your instructor allows you to do so. If you are allowed to send a message to your entire class, follow the steps below.

Open Inbox

Click the Inbox link.

Compose Message

Click the Compose icon to start a new message.

Select Course

Select the course you wish to message from the course drop-down menu [1].

Open Address Book

Click the address book to send a message to the entire class.

Select Class

Click the name of the course.

Add Message

Add a subject line and type in the message field. Add attachments if you desire. Click the Send button when you are finished.

Note: If you do not want a student to see all recipients in the message, click the Send individual messages checkbox.

View Message

Your message will appear at the top of your Sent folder.

Note: You can reply to the recipient or reply-all to everyone in the class.