How do I send a private message to my instructor ?

You can send private messages to your instructor within Conversations in Sublime LMS.

Open Inbox

Click the Inbox link.

Compose Message

Click the Compose icon to start a new message.

Type Instructor Name in the To Field

When you start typing an individual name in the To field, Sublime LMS will automatically populate matching names. If multiple names appear, use the arrow key to select the individual you want to message. Then press Enter. The individual name will appear in the To field, highlighted in light blue.

If you accidentally select the wrong individual(s), press Delete (on a MAC keyboard) or Backspace (on a PC keyboard) to remove the name(s).

You can also hover over a recipient name and click the white x to delete it from the To field.

Use Course Roster

To select your instructor from the course roster, click the Address Book icon [1] next to the To: field. From the course drop-down list, click the course name. Locate your instructor and select the checkbox next to his or her name [2]. To navigate back to the list of courses, use the arrow icon [3].

To exit the course roster menu, press Return (on a MAC keyboard) or Enter (on a PC keyboard).

Send Message

Type a message in the Message field [1]. To add a file to your message, click the Paperclip icon [2]. When you are finished, click the Send button [3].