How do I import .zip files?

You can import .zip files to your personal or group file storage area.

Open Settings

To access your personal files, click the Settings link and then the Files navigation link.

Open files

Click the Files link.

Import Files

If you have .zip files you want to upload, Sublime LMS will automatically upload and unzip these files for you. Click the Upload [1] icon.

Choose File

Click the Choose File button to select the .zip file.

Select File

Click the title of the file you wish to import [1] and click the Open button [2] to upload the .zip file.

Note: Depending on your web browser, you may see Choose instead of Open.

Choose Upload Destination

You can designate which folders the files should be uploaded to by clicking the Upload to: drop-down menu.

Upload File

Click the Upload File button.

View Progression

You can track the progression of the upload by monitoring the progress bar.

View Files

Your files will be uploaded to your personal or groups file storage area.