How do I change how often I receive grade notifications?

You might want to receive notifications about grading changes more or less often. Follow these steps to change your notification preferences.

Edit Your Settings

Click the Settings link in the Help corner in the upper right of any page in Sublime LMS.

Access Notification Preferences

Click the Notifications link.

Edit Grading Notification Preferences

In the Grading row, you can elect to receive notifications about updated grades immediately, daily, weekly, or never. You can receive these notifications using one or more of your communication methods, such as by email or Facebook message. To make these changes, hover your mouse over the column you want to edit and select your preference [1]. You can also choose whether you want your notification to include your updated numerical scores [2].

Edit Other Grading Notifications

You can also specify whether you want to receive notifications about updates to the grading policy (assignment group weighting) [1] and comments on your submitted assignments [2]. Select the Mark new submission comments as read checkbox if you want these submission comments to be automatically marked as read in your Conversations inbox. This action can reduce the number of unread messages you must sort through in your inbox.