How do I create a new Page in my group?

Learn how to create new Pages in your student groups.

Open groups

click the course & groups link the global navigation to open groups.

Open Pages

Click the Pages link.

Create a New Page

Click the create a wiki button in the sidebar.

Create Page

Enter the page title. click create button.

Add Content

Add content to your page using the Content Selector [1]. Edit the content and add links and media using the Rich Content Editor [2] or switch to the HTML Editor [3].

Edit Page Settings

You can decide who can edit the page by selecting the Who can edit this page drop down menu [1]. You can also notify users that content has changed by selecting the Notify users that this content has changed checkbox [2].

You can allow comments on this page [3] , using this option group members can create comments about this page.
You can change the wiki type as pages, FAQ's, Videos and lab using the drop down [4].

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Note: If you try to navigate away from a page without saving, you will generate a pop-up warning.

View Page

View the page you created.