How do I change my User Settings?

Depending on how your Sublime LMS account was created, you can make changes to your Full Name, Display Name, and your Time Zone.

Note: If you are not able to edit your user settings, you will have to contact your institution to change this information.

Open Settings

CLick the settings link in the logout corner.

Edit Settings

Click the Edit Settings button in the side bar.

Change Settings

Edit your settings:

  1. Full Name is used for grading, SIS imports, and other administrative items.
  2. Display Name is the what other users will see in discussions, announcements, etc. You can set your own display name if the setting is enabled.
  3. Sortable Name is your last name, first name default and it can be edited. This appears in sorted lists and admin can search for it.
  4. Language can be set to your native language.
  5. Time Zone can be set to where you are located.
  6. Enabled Theme can be set to the default Sublime LMS theme or a high contrast theme. High contrast themes increase the color contrast of text and images on your computer screen to make them more distinct and easier to identify.

Note: Your institution may take care of updating or changing your password by using the password associated with your login credentials for Sublime LMS. Also, you may not see all these options available to you.

Update Settings

Click the Update Settings button.