Invite your friends to the course

You can invite your friends to the course.
After accepting your invitation, you can get the reward amount set by instructor.

Note: Your instructor must add a reward before invite a friends to course.

Open Refer a friend (Referrer)

Click Refer a friend link in course navigation.

Invite friends (Referrer)

To invite your friends you can view the Reward name [1]
Give E-mail address in the invite by e-mail [2] field.
You can invite friends via social medias [3].
Click send invites [4] button.
You can edit the Email subject and message fields.

View My references (Referrer)

Click My References Tab [1] in refer a friend link to view your references.

you can view the status [2] of your invitation.

Check mail (Referree)

User can check mail to see their reward.
Click the link (Click here to get your reward) [1] to get your reward.

Register details (Referree)

Give your name [1] and phone number [2] and click Register [3] button .

View Reward (Referree)

View your reward code.

Check references (Referrer)

check the Referrers reference in refer a friend link after Referee registration, status changed in to registered [1].

Login using account (Referree)

Enter your domain name to login to the system.

Click google [1] to login using your account.

Open Account (Referree)

Give your Email id and password . click sign in [2] button to open your account

View Account (Referree)

View your account. Now you are logged in to the system.

Open Class library (Referree)

Click configure communication preferences [1] to set your communication preferences.
Click course library [2] link to enroll a course.

View course library (Referree)

Click the course to enroll.

Take course (Referree)

Click Take This Course [1] button

Enroll course (Referree)

Click Enroll in course [1] button.

Make payment (Referree)

Choose your payment options [1] . click pay now [2] button.

View Enrollment (Referree)

View your enrollment in course.

Check mail after enrollment (Referree)

Check your mail for course enrollment.