How do I choose a profile picture for my account on Sublime LMS ™?

If your institution allows profile pictures, you can add a profile picture on the application.

Note: If you cannot add a profile picture, your institution has restricted this feature.

Open Profile

To view your profile, tap the Profile icon [ 1 ] .

Tap the Settings link to view the profile details.

Open Profile Picture

Tap the profile picture icon.

Choose Photo Type

To take a new photo, tap the Camera button [1]. To choose a photo from your device, tap the Devices button [2].

Note: Changing your profile picture in the app will also change the profile picture in your browser version of Sublime LMS ™.

Take Photo

To take a photo, tap the Camera button.

Use Photo

If you want to re-take the photo, tap the Retake link [1]. Otherwise tap the Use Photo link [2].

Choose Photo

To choose a photo, locate the photo on your device.

Note: If Sublime LMS ™ does not have access to your photos or videos, you can enable access in your iPad's privacy settings. Open your iPad Settings, then navigate to Privacy, Photos, then toggle the Sublime LMS ™ button so it turns green.

View Profile Picture

View your new profile picture.