Introducing SublimeLms

SublimeLms is an innovative, user-friendly, cloud based,all in one SaaS learning platform for delivering blended learning using mobile and tablet devices.

It provides access to the most updated education content, boosts faculty productivity, improves student performance and engagement in learning, and monetize resources through online learning.

  • Customize your site

    SublimeLms apps can be easily customized to fit with your own brand. Managing education is tough enough without also having to host your own website.

  • Mobile

    Easily access the full activity of course via mobile devices such as phone and tablets. Each type of devices has its own customized interface, which can be accessed via a appstore downloadable application.

  • Integrations Everywhere

    SublimeLms apps already integrates with a wide variety of systems, including Google Docs, Calendars (iCal), single sign-on via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

  • SIS Integration

    The SIS Imports feature allows you to upload and integrate data from various Student Information Systems, complex databases and even simple spreadsheets.

Easily create beautiful courses

Create courses by uploading videos, adding images to the content or uploading your own existing course packages. You can also upload and embed any type of media. Track your students' progress by creating a class set up for the course. Learn more

  • Courses

    SublimeLms apps support instructor-led, blended, and self-paced courses.Support for co-instructors and time-based student deactivation. Enroll students via file import, the people roster, email, or enable self-enrollment via access codes .

  • Course catalog

    The searchable course catelog lists multiple courses and includes course descriptions, faculty profiles,class details and student reviews on courses.

  • Multimedia

    Upload and embed any kind of multimedia, including audio, video, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Office Documents. We automatically detect what kind of resource it is and display it in an appropriate web-based viewer.

  • Activity Feeds

    Activity Feeds help you to easily track the latest announcements, graded assignments, forum posts and any changes in the course contents.

Communicate, network and collaborate

Our LMS helps the students work together on the Group Projects and Assignments. The students can post texts, links, videos and images to the Course Wiki Pages. You can also rate the students' works and leave a comment on the Wiki Pages Learn more

  • Collaboration tools

    Extend the classroom and stimulate the student's engagements, active learnings and interactions with the integrated Collaboration Tools. The students can be organized into groups at the course level as well as the account level.

  • Conferencing

    Conferences are primarily used for virtual lectures, virtual office hours, and student groups. They can also be used to demonstrate technologies or troubleshoot technology issues online.

  • Messaging

    Conversations is a messaging system within the SublimeLms. The Conversations Inbox is split into two windows and it displays messages chronologically. You can filter the messages by courses, sections and message types (Inbox, Unread and Archived).

  • Files

    Our Files System is a central hub for sharing contents and reading materials. It allows the users to upload, store and share different kinds of resources including course templates.

See the Big Picture

We provide the students with a big picture view of the course activity scores, latest grades,assignments and announcements for all their classes. The Calendar provides an overview of the dates for all the course activities.

  • Certification

    Provides certificates to the students upon the course completion criteria. Instructors can have a great control over generating and displaying the certificates.

  • Calendaring

    The Calendar helps everyone stay on schedule and up-to-date. You can keep track of all the graded assignments and their due dates.

  • Badges

    A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. Badges are used to set goals, motivate learning, represent achievements and communicate success in many contexts.

  • ePortfolios

    ePortfolios are tied with the user profiles which showcase their best submissions, educational projects and other resources.

Assignment and grading

We provide tools to evaluate the students' performance using Quizzes with fast and reliable Gradebooks, which provide instant feedback and more. Learn more

  • Assignments

    It ultimately saves time, increases students' motivations and reduces the course’s carbon footprint. The students can submit their assignments online through text entry, file uploads,Google Docs or any URLs.

  • Quizzes and Question Banks

    Create Online Quizzes using the Quiz Tool to make the students take tests and quizzes online. There are ten types of questions available. Create personalized quizzes by picking random questions from a Question Bank.

  • Outcomes

    Learning outcomes are the specific intentions of course. You can set up custom or Outcome-based criteria for grading. Outcomes describe what a student should know, understand, or be able to do at the end of a course.

  • Gradebook

    Grades can serve as a tracking tool to keep track of a student's progress. It can also be downloaded or uploaded for the student's Record Management and for the Analysis using Excel.

  • Secure Client

    The Secure Client is a lock-down browser designed to help organizations provide a secure environment that can deliver high stake assessments such as tests and exams.

  • Rubrics

    Rubrics are a way to evaluate the assignments with a defined criteria. You can set up a custom or an outcome-based criteria for grading. It helps provide feedbacks for the students' submissions.