Sublime LMS ™ enables the full create – store – manage – deliver – monetize cycle for institutionalizing your knowledge.

To reach your students, you’ve got to go where they are—on the online platforms and communication channels where they hang out. You've got to speak their language, engaging them with personalized notifications, real-time feedback, multimedia content, and much more. When students are truly engaged, they learn more and perform better.

The mission of Sublime LMS ™ is to enable learning from the best experts in various fields to learners anywhere through a seamless virtual platform. We help our clients systematically organize their knowledge and create and distribute virtual courses through our applications.

Benefits of Online Learning for Education

  1. Provide Flexible Options for Students

    Many students in higher education and technical programs have to balance work with school. Online learning allows people to learn when they can, not when they must.

  2. Reduce Costs

    Online learning requires no physical space, only data, hosted on (offsite) servers. Educational institutions immediately reduce the need for physical infrastructure to hold classes. Sublime LMS ™ provides training courses for instructors to easily develop and reuse course contents.

  3. Enable anytime, anywhere learning

    Students have mobile devices and if they have an internet connection, they can learn and complete assignments online anytime. In most cases, they can work using any number of mobile devices. While travelling on the bus, people can access course content via their smart phone and get a head start on school work.