Professionals are not born. They are trained!

Training companies are changing the way they operate and the services they offer customers. Companies today survive on their ability to innovate and change to offer customers and prospects new products and services. In a culture where change is constant, training is imperative to keep everyone up to speed.

Whether you are onboarding new hires, offering product knowledge sessions, or compliance training, learning is essential to success. Traditional face-to-face methods cost more and take longer to roll out.

E-learning can help your company meet strategic goals while fulfilling individual performance objectives. A hosted learning management system can help you reduce IT costs, streamline administration and enjoy smooth training operations.

Benefits of Online Learning for Corporations

  1. Reduce Costs

    Eliminate travel, food and accommodation expenses if people have to travel to attend courses in person. Integration with existing technologies eliminates data entry as well, and allows single sign on functionality.

  2. Improve the Value of your Human Resources

    Your people are your greatest asset. By offering easy to use and accessible learning platforms to train meet their personal career goals, you improve the value of your workforce. Sublime LMS ™ can integrate your corporate LMS with the most popular human resource management systems, allowing administrators to keep track of employees’ progress.

  3. Customize Courses to meet your Requirements

    Many companies need to train employees on proprietary systems or methods for completing tasks for efficiency, productivity and compliance reasons. You can customize a course to ensure the employee experience matches tightly with the training provided

  4. Align Training with Corporate Goals

    Every company goes through the process of visioning and identifying the steps it needs to take to achieve the vision.

  5. Enable On-Demand / Mobile Learning

    Today’s workers are more mobile than ever. They are expecting options to train from anywhere, anytime. People can fit learning into their lives when they want, instead of having to drop work at a specific time to attend a class. The flexibility of time-independent learning leads to more completions and improved course completion times.