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Sublime LMS β„’ is a free web-based Learning Portal that enables the trainers and teachers to deliver their course materials to their students online. The trainers create courses using our set of Content Creation Tools and then authorize whichever students they want to be able to access the course. The students create an Sublime LMS β„’ account and are able to access the contents in the course, from documents to audio and, videos to downloadable resources. Using Sublime LMS ℒ’s Assessment Creation Tool, the trainers can generate quizzes and tests containing full-length-answer for the questions, multiple-choice questions or a combination of both. Students can then take their tests online and submit them to the trainer to grade.

Sublime LMS β„’ service offers many advantages to the educators in almost every field:

For Course Administrators – by uploading your courses to Sublime LMS β„’, you can enable prospective students to find the course in our online course directory and to register for your course online. That means less paperwork and less time spent posting and waiting for the course materials. It also provides handy reports to monitor students’ progress.

For Teachers, Tutors & Lecturers – upload your class materials to Sublime LMS β„’ and share your contents with your students instantly. Reduce the need for any printed hand outs and encourage studying by making resources conveniently accessible via a computers, tablets or internet-ready phones.

You can create modules containing sub-sections and each section can contain:

  • Formatted Text Documents -editable with the Online Rich Text Editor. Create professional looking documents containing text, images, tables and more.
  • Audio Files – Upload audio recordings in MP3 format.
  • Videos – Enable students to stream lessons and presentational videos
  • Downloadable Files – PDF files, Presentations, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Absolutely! You can choose to make your course public and anyone will be able to create an Sublime LMS β„’ account and access the course.

    You can create as many assessments as you wish, but it is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

    If you choose to control access to your courses, you can enroll students by their E-mail addresses. The students will then receive an e-mail link to create their Sublime LMS β„’ account and will be able to access the selected course content instantly. You can give individual students different levels of access – for example, you can authorize a paying student to access the entire course and offer a student who has purchased a particular section access to specific modules of your course.

    Sublime LMS β„’ accepts both VISA, MasterCard and Net Banking which are processed using the Secure Payment Express Gateway. Payments are processed on a yearly or monthly basis.

    Please Visit our Pricing page for details.

    To cancel your Sublime LMS β„’ paid subscription, simply down grade your subscription to free account level. Your paid account will be cancelled from that point and there will be no further charges. There is no partial refund for the time not used in that month. You can totally delete your account by send an E-mail to hello@zionstar.in and we would remove your account according to our Terms of Services.

    Yes. All Sublime LMS β„’ accounts are password protected and when you are online using Sublime LMS β„’, you are protected by an SSL (HTTPS) secure connection.